Josiah is turkey hunting for the first time this weekend. He’s never been hunting. In fact, he just learned how to use a gun this past weekend from his uncle.
Hunting never bothered me… I have always been unsure about my feelings on guns. I think hunting is great, but guns do make me a little nervous.

While growing up, my dad hunted deer. I don’t quite remember details, but I can look back on pictures from then and see him and my uncles having, what appears to be, a really good time.
I also don’t remember eating any venison. I assume it was fed to me without my knowledge.

When Josiah came to me with the prospect of him hunting turkey I think I laughed in his face. (I’m learning how to be a supportive spouse…)
He got more and more into everyday. Started by watching Kentucky Afield. Our dvr is full of other random hunting shows that really bore me.
Then he bought the first turkey call. It’s a terrible, terrible noise. He was quickly told he needed to find a new place to practice. The basement and the car seemed to be where he would turn to.
Then he started getting his camouflage for the hunt itself.
Instead of blowing any budget, he would buy a piece at a time.
Here’s the end result.


You’ll probably have to really search to see him in this photo… Look hard. (Note: August says “off please” when he has the face mask on.)

Once I realized this wasn’t just a small interest of his, I decided to get on board with the entire thing.
Go hunt some turkey. Please get one. Lets learn how to do this.

Ultimately we want to figure out how to be self sufficient with food. (Really with other things, too..but.. Lets start with food.)
We want to have a garden. We will be putting together our compost very soon. We already recycle, cloth diaper, use mostly “green” products in the home, and really cut back on all the personal products we use and just went back to the basics.
I guess my point is that I’m really excited to do these things! I hope that this hunting gig keeps going forward. I want to eat wild food!
It’s exciting to support Josiah as he takes on this current hobby. (Side note, anytime Josiah finds a little interest…it most likely will turn into a huge interest. He will probably dive head first into information and attempt to take on as much knowledge as possible…he’s very..passionate. Which is part of the reason I love him dearly.)

My dad is a very serious duck hunter. Duck season is not until later in the year, but I bet Josiah will join him as much as he can. Hopefully. I strongly feel if all gun owners were as smart as my dad, we’d all be eating awesome food and nobody would be shooting people for stupid reasons. (I’m probably a little biased…) I know if Josiah is learning from my dad it will only benefit our life!

I am eager to start teaching August about self sufficiency, too. He already sees us dumping out compost scraps outside (since ours isn’t built we just put it in the neighbors compost bin…)
It’s just so exciting to picture all the useful stuff we’ll get to teach him about making the earth a better place, and how to be a real asset to a community.
Along the way we will only be bettering ourselves, too.

I feel good about our love and our lives.