Another grateful moment.

I left for Kroger on Sunday and got about 5 houses down and saw a woman talking to other neighbors with a little piggy on a leash. Cuuuute! Then I realized I forgot my wallet and turned around. Josiah and August were outside so I suggested they walk down because (DUH!) there is a PIGGY ON A LEASH.

I find my wallet, drive past them on the sidewalk and see, in my rear view mirror, Josiah holding August as they approach the little piggy. I had a rush of bizarre emotions. First of all, I was watching this moment for as long as I could in the rear view…basically until the road curved enough that I had to go back to watching the road (boring.)

(Side note: the little pigs name is George. August said “bye bye George” when they left.)

I was missing my little dude meet this adorable little piggy! I live for really adorable things coming together to create one outrageously adorable moment. I am SO LUCKY because I usually get all the cute moments. All of them. I’ve witnessed almost every “first” and adorable thing August has to offer.

I thought to myself about working moms/dads and how strong they are. How do they do it??! I assume that moments are savored a little bit more? I’m not sure. It must be hard, though.

I see it with Josiah, and he has just started a new job where he is working from home three days a week! Josiah is SO MUCH HAPPIER to see our little dude throughout the day. We’re all happier to get just a little more family time everyday.

Just a minor thought, but no matter how little the “first” is, it’s amazing to see your child grow and experience anything new.