Eating deliciously!

Eating deliciously. It’s not hard! (Sort of…) it’s more about adjusting your perspective.

Eating delicious food…It’s more than just the obvious better taste. It has a lot to do with knowing your ingredients, and knowing that they are whole, hearty, natural foods. (Food is the key word here.)

I’m going to post some words here that I did not write. But, there’s no need to try to explain it in any other words:

GMOs, or “genetically modified organisms,” are plants or animals that have been genetically engineered with DNA from bacteria, viruses or other plants and animals. These experimental combinations of genes from different species cannot occur in nature or in traditional crossbreeding. – The non GMO project.

I think instead of me repeating it all, just read that page on the non GMO project website.

I don’t want to eat that. At all. More so, I DO NOT want my child eating that.

We haven’t completely mastered non GMO products, but…We are almost there. I mentioned in the previous post, we don’t buy much snack food. Well, that basically took care of all the GMO containing foods. We also buy organic produce, at Kroger or the farmers market. The meat we purchase is from the “Simply Organic” sections in Kroger. We crave finding a legit butcher in the area, we just haven’t taken that step yet.

Reading lists like this, where the brands that use GMO’s are listed, really helped me out. (prepare yourself if you haven’t read it. It’s everything.)

Then there are lists like this! That show all the brands that have gotten the all clear! (aka, buy these brands, NOT the others!)

The one tool that helped me the most in the grocery store: the Buycott app. You scan an item, it tells you if the company that sells that item supports GMO’s or is actively spending money to avoid the GMO’s.

Okay okay, enough with Genetically Modified Organisms.

I cut gluten. I was sad. SADDDD!! NO BREAD! I decided to start cutting out the gluten in April of this year. It wasn’t that I wanted to diet, at all… I was having headaches, constantly. I was cranky, really cranky. I asked the advice of a local like-minded moms page I am in on facebook, and all signs were pointing to “Cut gluten”. Even if that didn’t solve the issue 100%, I obviously needed to figure out other things to eat. (I MEAN WHAT DO YOU EAT WHEN YOU CAN’T HAVE CHEESE AND CRACKERS?! OR A SANDWICH!?? Or….COOKIES?!)

I changed all my sandwich bread to lettuce. I ended up just eating a lot better. Snack food sucks when you can’t have the gluten in them…That assisted greatly with the no-snack-buying.

I have not figured out the cookies completely…But, I don’t crave those things (honestly) as much as I used to. That must be a good sign. (You mean my body and brain crave the right foods for my body and brain to function awesomely?!)

Daily headaches? Gone. Completely. Crankiness? (maybe caused by the constant headache?) Gone.

I do not think you should go gluten free, (unless you feel like you need to…It’s interesting to start learning more about) my point is that simplifying what I eat, forced me to eating healthier, better FOOD.


I go to yoga. That eased me into how much better I feel (less back pain, less leg pain, less knee pain..I don’t feel old, but my body got old after I had a baby) on any given day. I added in some walks outside (when it’s not climate change boiling outside) and some treadmill walking at the local YMCA.

Light exercise. That’s all, and I feel fantastic.


So, eat deliciously by looking into the FOOD (remember, actual food!!) you buy, probably check your own intake of what you are eating, and just get up and do some physical stuff.

I PROMISE you will feel better. (And, even if you think you feel good..I bet you’ll feel better.)



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