Gosh, it’s hard sometimes.

Things are so hard sometimes. Getting the dishes finished is hard, cleaning the floor is hard, making a meal is hard, keeping the bathrooms clean is apparently incredibly difficult.

August is a challenging guy, and spending all day with him is a human-test. How much of a terrible human are you going to be today, Katie?!

I have no idea how people have more than one kid, is it just because you can send them off to school? Yes, I plan(ned) on homeschooling August, but somedays I think “preschool must have it’s perks…”

This is part of the parent-related stress I wasn’t expecting: school. I thought for sure homeschool was the path I was into for August. I didn’t realize preschool started after a kid turns three. Why is it so early? It doesn’t seem completely right to me (which indicates that he may not be ready) but I also am, already, envious of my peers (their time, specifically) who already just have their kiddos signed up for preschool. (I’ll take any insight from other parents here…)

Next thing.

I am very grateful to be married to a good human. We are so on the same page with what we ultimately want for August (and yes, this IS what we live for) that it shocks me into a state of “stop it Katie, LOOK AT WHAT YOUR PROBLEMS ARE!”
The things in my life are not hard… They’re just things. My problems, not to dismiss my emotions for myself, are really not the biggest problems in the world.
I try very hard to keep real-life problems out of my head (why I don’t watch the news…) because it puts me in a messed up funk I cannot cope with.
August is so polite sometimes, and the singing along with every song (from kids shows to the Beatles… Phish… Vampire Weekend… Avett Brothers…) I know he wasn’t chosen for us, WE made this kid. We made him. He’s so awesome for us, he is exactly what Josiah and I needed in this world.

This blog post is mostly a reminder to myself.
(Also, never forget to listen to the nick drake pandora station- it makes me feel so peaceful. It’s perfect.)

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