Okay okay.

This is, I think, going to be a collection of thoughts and things I do.

Oh, and my husband Josiah will be joining me. (So, thoughts and things WE do.)

We started this blog before our wedding to inform guests of the happenings of the wedding.. There’s no need for this page to go to waste. (We did keep a few of the posts from before… if you look back.)

So… Specifically, things I will probably address as we go forward: breast feeding, (gentle) parenting, baby led weaning, healthier eating/lifestyle, housekeeping, being a stay at home mom, everyday play, mom time?! (DOES THIS EXIST?) cloth diapering, cooking, crafting, baby wearing and my very own quest for a vbac (vaginal birth after cesarean)… and I’m sure lots more..

Well, intro over.