Breast feeding makes me do better. All day.

I imagine there will be lots more talk of this, but here’s my favorite reason for breast feeding..(Probably will end up being about 8000 reasons when I’m done.)

When you breast feed, there is a very defined moment of relaxation.. And I am SO thankful for this moment every time I sit down and nurse my kid. I have genuine stress and anxiety about getting things done in any given day.

Before I was pregnant I was very capable of keeping my emotions in check. I am not able to say that today. I sometimes want to throw dishes just to hear it break, and then I don’t have to wash it. That’s not healthy…

Then August comes up and goes “nise..nise” and signs for “nursing”, and scoop him up, sit down, continue to be agitated about something really dumb, and then 90 seconds in I can be completely calm and focused on how freaking adorable my kid is. Everything else goes away. Always. It’s just me, August, and the awesome power of breast feeding. I feel thankful for him and family. I feel grateful we have been able to have this particular relationship this long.

I can’t imagine NOT breast feeding… What kind of mother would I be? Would I be able to calm myself and focus on what really matters? One day I won’t have the crutch of the reset button that comes from nursing… but for now I will take it.

I read this recently: (From this gals blog… Which, I’m loving so much.)

“The moment she had laid the child to the breast both became perfectly calm.” -Isak Dinesen

I love how true that is.

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