Being a parent is intense.

Why are emotions SO HIGH now that I’m a mom? Is it really just that my hormones were all out of whack? It definitely has something to do with my deep, intense love for my kid. It is insane how I feel about my family.
After August was born I felt serious sadness (why did I bring such a precious life into this sick world? What if he, me or daddy get killed? We’re all going to die anyways… ) (probably a little bit of ppd going on there…)
With those sad moments, though, I also had a part of my being that I didn’t even know existed become alive.
What’s that saying…with every baby born a mother is born? True.

And when your child becomes a toddler, a patient mother is born. That’s the route I’m trying very, very hard to take.

Something adorable will happen and I feel SO happy and grateful, and proud. Then something…shall we say, LESS than adorable happens and I feel like I just want to quit.
I only have ONE kid, how can I feel so impatient already?

(Sidebar, I’m reading a book called the happiest toddler on the block…I will be addressing how that’s going soon.)

As my baby has become a toddler, naturally, I consider MORE BABIES. It’s like I have accepted that the world is sick, and we WILL die…but, as long as I’m alive I want to make sure it’s full of so much love and family.

(File this under feelings you didn’t know you could have until you’re a parent)

Edit: a friend shared this comic with me, which sums up what I’m trying to say here: