I did not expect this.

So, here’s the thing… I didn’t realize how quickly time would FLY by after the birth of our second kid. I know the babies grow quickly, I remember changing the size clothes he was in every four weeks for his first year of life. 6 pounds to 20 in a year, crazy! I know that days would drag on… “Holy crap, it’s only 2:00? Three more hours until acceptable Wine Time.” But then we’d celebrate a birthday and BAM a year went by.

Now add a second kiddo to that… Days are now zooming past and all of a sudden it’s the start of a new week. Just last week he was starting school, now he only has 4 more weeks until summer vacation.

I guess I figured my days would continue to move at a snails pace, and I was just adding a baby to the slowness.

No, now that I have two kids that, if I close my eyes to rest I’ve missed half of their life, not just part of their day. 


Don’t blink…this is all I know.