July 7th, 2012….28 days until the wedding!

Just some updates on life.

We bought a house! It’s officially ours. Woo hoo!

We will be making the big move from Newport, Kentucky to Burlington, Kentucky just after we get married. Who needs a fancy vacation in a hot spot when it’s plenty warm in Kentucky..? We are very, very excited about all this awesomeness in our lives.

And in all actuality, we are headed to Charleston, South Carolina in one week for a massive family vacation. We are very excited about vacationing for 2 weeks (for August and I…1 for┬áJosiah) coming back for 4 days then headed to my favorite Mitten for 5 more days! And get married!!

With that….and all this happy craziness, help us avoid one part of this stress, and please RSVP! We want to have a lot done before we leave for Charleston. We want to make sure we seat you by people you like..so…make that happen, please!


Lovesss you all!

Katie G.