Is being married the bees knees?
I always imagined I would get married…I never dreamt about being rich or having a dream job. I dreamt about love.
So corny.

It’s true, though. I loved being in relationships.

After a year and a half at Central Michigan University I decided to leave. I was miserable. I was the most unhappy I can recall being with my life as a whole. The only thing I DID have was good friends. Although I hate the student loans, it’s almost worth it because of all the solid friends I made then.
It was January 2006 when my sister suggested I leave Michigan and move into her spare bedroom…in Lexington, Kentucky. I certainly didn’t have any better ideas.
I quickly started job hunting, mostly at restaurants. She suggested a Thai food place that had a “now hiring” sign in the window..right on the bus line, only a couple miles away.

Enter Josiah.

He was also a server at this Thai place I got hired at, and I had no idea what role he would play in my life.


I was honestly the-almost-twenty-year-old girl that was just looking for some independence and trying to “figure it out”. I only stayed in Lexington for about six months when my dad offered to help me pay for a car, if I came back. (Maybe he recalls that differently, that’s how I remember the deal.) I transferred my second job I had taken on in Lexington to Waterford. (This job was Payless, this is where I worked until I took maternity leave with August.)

Let me fast forward to summer 2010, I am back in Michigan and had been for four years.

Enter Josiah again.

I guess, after his “figuring life out” thing he decided, even two states north, that we needed to be together.
I’m surprised he was so right.

So, we were each asking for life to hand us responsibilities and genuinely serious relationships. Life did just that.

Enter August.

We are now parents to a really adorable child, that…I know we agree has made us better people. (At least for him and to each other… So that’s a good start.)


Josiah asks me to marry him August 4th, 2011. (At a Paul McCartney concert…I just don’t want to leave that out because it’s so awesome.)


Then we buy a house and get married.

Approaching our one year anniversary I, of course, reflect. People said marriage is hard, but worth it. It really is true, even if the phrase is over used.

Something about knowing you’ve committed to one person makes you recognize any disagreement needs to be resolved, it would just be stupid to let it ride out. Josiah has shown me that, I’m far too grumpy to have figured that out on my own. But I really am forever grateful, for everything.

Oh, and loving everyday is a lot of fun.

There is A TON of love in our family, and it’s amazing.



Also, here is a link to our wedding ceremony. Twenty minutes from before anyone walked out until the end. Atleast get to the beginning of the ceremony…at 5:08 minutes in.



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